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West Lafayette Tree Friends

Founded in 1981, West Lafayette Tree Friends was established with the adoption of the original West Lafayette Trees and Landscape Ordinance. This voluntary organization was formed to plant shade trees along public streets of the city and is supported by voluntary contributions and is run by volunteers, with support from city staff. The West Lafayette Tree Friends meet on the second Tuesday of every month for Tree Friends business. These monthly meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome. Sub-committees for the organization meet throughout the month.

What We Do

West Lafayette Tree Friends’ primary goal is to plant trees and implement landscaping projects in the public right-of-way. The Tree Friends work in cooperation with the City and property owners to enhance the beauty of the streets in West Lafayette. The Tree Friends organize seasonal street tree pruning to ensure tree branches grow above roadways and sidewalks. Additionally, the Tree Friends and the City complete one or two large planting projects under our Operation Re-leaf tree planting program each year. All Tree Friends initiatives are financed by private donations augmented by matching grants when available.

How You Can Help

Are you or your organization looking for an opportunity to support our urban forest? West Lafayette Tree Friends has several activities that are only possible through volunteer efforts. Activities include:

  • Join as a member of West Lafayette Tree Friends
  • Spring and fall pruning or pruning event with your organization
  • Serve on a volunteer committee: Urban Leaves newsletter Committee, Fundraising Committee, Communications Committee

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